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Consultation is an insight and skill building process in which clinical or creative material is presented by an individual and discussed in a one-on-one setting or in a group.  My goal in all instances is to support the professional growth of the consultee. Clinical consultation usually involves:


  • an outlining of clinical work including client's history

  • an exploration of current challenges in the treatment

  • an identification of relevant transference and countertransference dynamics

  • a refreshed conceptualization of client's internal world

  • psychoanalytic techniques to move the work forward


My prior experience in the entertainment field, lends itself well to an especially enjoyable form of consultation: collaborating with writers who are looking to develop their craft, enrich their characters and stories, and work through writer's blocks. In The Writer's Room I offer a special consultation for those interested in developing believable, compelling and psychologically rich characters who capture the heart of a discerning audience.

For more information on Consultation, please click here.

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