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Individual Consultation

Group Consultation

Victoria offers individual consultation to  professionals seeking an intensive focus on complex issues in the treatment forum. Clinicians interested in developing their ability to conceptualize and work psychoanalytically, benefit greatly from examining a variety of unconscious relational dynamics, projective communications, powerful identifications with internalized objects, transference and countertransference enactments, and frequently used defense mechanisms.  Clinicians in consultation typically find new and helpful approaches for clients struggling in their treatment protocol.


















Group consultation is provided on site or at your office.  A group atmosphere is ideal for the pre-licensed or licensed clinician who wants to deepen their understanding and broaden their skill set.  Please note: your cases will not be "supervised" rather, additional ideas and ways of working with your clients will be considered.


Individuals who wish to augment their treatment approach with psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic techniques and conceptualizations, will encounter a welcoming, like-minded group of clinicians ready to support their work.

2023: ALTERED STATES of Body and Mind: a psychoanalytic exploration of Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders at The Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

Become an Associate

For some pre-licensed students, moving from your clinical placement into a private practice is the next step in what will be a long and fruitful career.  The fit between supervisor and supervisee is as important as the rapport with your clients, and to that end, students should take care to evaluate with whom they feel they can do their best work.  I typically employ 1-2 assocaites in my practice throughout the year. Those seeking employment must be ready and willing to function at the highest level of professionalism, have training in psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory and practice and be able to transfer clients from their current training site to my practice. 

For more information please call (310) 275-8050
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